How all started

In 1979, Attracta, along with her mother Alacoque, embarked on a remarkable journey in the world of fashion by opening their first boutique, A&A Bergin Boutique, in Edenderry, County Offaly. This quaint store became a local treasure, specializing in women's fashion and capturing the essence of style with a touch of elegance.

A&A Bergin sadly closed its doors in 2006. Undeterred by the closure, Attracta's entrepreneurial spirit persevered, and she envisioned a new venture to continue her passion.

In the same cherished location, Diamonds & Pearls emerged as a multifaceted establishment, initially offering jewelry, home interiors, and a cozy café. Attracta's commitment to providing a unique and delightful shopping experience remained unwavering, making Diamonds & Pearls a testament to her resilience and dedication to the world of fashion and lifestyle.

The next move

By 2008, Diamonds & Pearls had evolved beyond its initial offerings to include a diverse selection of women's clothing, solidifying its reputation as a comprehensive women's boutique.

Recognizing the growing demand for their unique approach to fashion, Attracta expanded her vision and in 2015 opened a second store in Clane, County Kildare. This strategic move not only allowed Diamonds & Pearls to cater to a larger audience but also provided the opportunity to curate an even wider range of brands, showcasing their styling expertise.

The Clane location became a destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking curated collections and personalized service.

Her Legacy.

By 2019, the next generation of the Diamonds & Pearls legacy took center stage as Attracta's daughter, Emily, stepped into the picture by opening her own Diamonds & Pearls boutique in Naas, County Kildare. Having grown up immersed in the intricacies of the family business, Emily had acquired an understanding of the fashion world and the values that defined Diamonds & Pearls. With a fresh perspective and a passion for evolving trends, Emily embraced the opportunity to make her mark on the family legacy. Diamonds & Pearls Naas introduced a contemporary touch that resonated with a new generation of fashion enthusiasts. The expansion into Naas showcased the enduring appeal of the Diamonds & Pearls brand and reinforced its status as a trusted and dynamic presence in the realm of women's fashion. The collaboration between Attracta and Emily marked a seamless transition between generations, ensuring that the boutique continued to flourish with a blend of tradition and innovation.