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Karen by Simonsen is the design driven go-to-choice for the modern bohemian minimalist. With a proud focus on sensual femininity, and a sophisticated and arty approach, the styles represent basic everyday favorites as well as outstanding showpieces.

Fashion needs to be adaptable because emotions are vibrant. Many modern women often find themselves In Between Places. Constantly shifting between motherhood and career, emotional and tough, in the aftermath of post pandemic comfiness and the urge to stand out in eye-catching must-haves.

It is impossible to predict which emotions a day will bring. However, with styles that embrace all feelings, it will be possible to Escape the Ordinary to Gain a New Start no matter what.

Going back to the roots, Karen by Simonsen presents a wide variety of fittings, fabrics, and levels of detail. Making it possible to mix and match monochrome essentials and outstanding must-haves.  All characterized by the impeccable quality, refined details, and Danish design tradition that defines Karen by Simonsen.

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